DVIRE green light through the eyes of SCANIA


“Can sustainable and green commercial transport be more cost-effective compared to vehicles that use conventional fuels? This is the key issue for customers assessing alternative fuel vehicles. Scania’s answer to the above question is positive. With the DVIRE application, the cost of running a gas-powered truck/bus will certainly not exceed that of conventional fuel-powered alternatives. Furthermore, in many cases the costs will be lower. Local transport segments, such as distribution, waste transportation, vehicles for construction, forestry, etc. today can be an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative. Plus, a very important bonus – with the DVIRE application you will have a guarantee that gas will cost you up to 20% less than diesel,” Darius Snieška, area manager for Scania Lietuva, noted.

Using the DVIRE application, the cost of operating a gas (methane)-powered truck/bus will be equal to or lower than that of diesel analogues for the same model. The startup DVIRE, which promotes alternative renewable fuels, will, together with vehicle manufacturers and companies operating fuel refilling infrastructure, will encourage freight carriers to change from diesel to gas- and biogas-powered vehicles. The breaking point in the Lithuanian domestic market will be to offer trucks at lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than that of diesel trucks.

Scania Lietuva will contribute with its highly cost-effective and efficient solutions by offering special prices for purchasing and servicing gas-powered trucks as well as providing very attractive financing conditions.

“More and more Scania customers are opting for gas trucks in the Baltic countries. In Lithuania, dozens of transport companies have purchased or tested Scania gas technologies. These companies, like our servicing chain, have gained a lot of experience in operating and maintaining such vehicles,” Snieška said.

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